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    Having just been on a holiday to france, I can say that their motorways are a lot less congested than ours. The main difference? Most of their motorways are toll roads
    If we privatised the entire motorway network I am confident that we would see more people using public transport. That would mean less CO2 emmissions, and the saings made could be used to charge less road tax, helping everybody

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    I think it’s worth pointing out that the government spends roughly the same amount on rail as it does on roads! That said, I do actually think the government should be spending the same amount on both i.e. nothing.

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    Whig wrote that he thinks that “it is worth pointing out that the Government spends roughly the same on rail as it does on roads!”

    Doubtless he and readers noticed that roads carry nearly 90% of passenger-miles compared with Rail’s 7%., likewise with freight, rail is, in national terms, a trivial player. Hence equal expenditures seem massively disproportionate even if zero.

    Further the net expenditure on the roads (Expenditure minus taxes taken) is less than zero, namely minus £40 billion whereas rail costs the exchequer £5 billion annually.

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    You will have noticed the less congested motorways in France than here in the UK but did you consider the amount of roads per person in France compared with the UK?

    They have 3.6 times the motorway length per person in France compared to the UK. If we were to spend a larger proportion of the money taken from motorists in taxation building roads we would see less congestion and better roads.

    It isn’t rocket science, we have less road space than almost any other EU country (per person) and we set about clogging what we have with traffic lights and traffic calming to engineer congestion.

    Predict and provide – we need more road space – simples.

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    The UK definitely needs to implement better transport policies so as to reduce congestion. It falls to our engineers and the government to make this a priority.

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    @Alex Bettany Quite so but political correctenss and a denial of the numbers sabotages that, see later blogs by seaching my name.

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