2 thoughts on “The work-vs-welfare trade-off”

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    I’m pretty sure most people are not content with spending their lives on £73 pw JSA. It is the conditionality and means testing of benefits that causes all the problems. It would be best if we scrapped our entire welfare system and instead introduced a Citizen’s Income.Not only would there be administrative cost saving, but we’d get a fully flexible workforce, with no bureaucratic intrusions into people’s lives.

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    The UK Working Tax Credit system has been an implementation of the idea of a citizen’s income, or negative income tax. It has tapered the penal marginal tax/benefit withdrawal rates that this piece describes.

    The present Government has decided substantially to withdraw the scheme, and we must presume that they are prepared to pay the political price of the obvious consequences. Who can doubt that there will be reduced participation in the workforce and increasing segregation of those dependent on benefits, and their increasing impoverishment and immiseration? We are rebuilding the poverty trap.

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