5 thoughts on “The Green interview – failed on style, but what about the substance?”

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    Philip – Surely the real point is that parties that are never likely to achieve power find it very easy to propose policies that some people might find superficially attractive, but which fall apart on closer examination. As they know they’re not going to win most peoples votes and will never be held to account, they only have to appeal to those who won’t examine these policies in detail. Indeed, they probably attract the sort of people as members (and policymakers) who propose policies without thinking them through.

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    HJ – of course that is true. The interesting thing is, though, that at least the Greens have made available all their policies whereas the other parties don’t seem to have any!

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    1. If being a landlord was just a “business” then perhaps they should pay Business Rates? i.e hand over around 50% of all their rental income in tax. Then pay income tax on top of the remainder.

    2. But, no, as this would give owner occupiers and unfair advantage in the market, so landlords do not pay UBR.

    3. Owner occupiers are not able to deduct mortgage interest off their income tax bills though are they? So, it’s not an level playing field.

    4. The value of location, which makes up 2/3 on average of rental income is not a sunk cost. Its value is created and sustained not by the landlord, but by everyone else. A huge free lunch.

    5. The value of this location rises over time faster than growth in the economy. Another huge unearned free lunch.

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    @benji – as you know 2, 4 and 5 raise wider issues about an LVT which you favour and I don’t, so let’s leave that aside as an important but separate issue. On 3, this is true but it is because owner occupiers no longer pay income tax on imputed rent (they once did and I think they should). I would be very happy for owner occupiers to pay tax on imputed rent and offset mortgage interest.

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    Philip you are missing one very important point. Benji is always right. He posts around the place and will never accept anyone else’s point of view. He is the ultimate guru in economics.

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