4 thoughts on “The Gender Pay Gap is a fashionable myth”

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    So the wage gap is not strictly speaking a myth. Rather, it is the assumption that the gap stems in large parts from unwarranted discrimination that is the myth. Something most people, even ideologically driven ones, understand pretty quickly after thinking about it.

    The question is: why in the world are we so inclined to believing something as obviously loopy as that it is at all possible to pay one group radically less for the same work ON AVERAGE? No matter how I think about it, the thought is ludicrous. Yet we want to believe it. Why?

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    It has long been known a myth; It’s been the Gender Pay Lie for years. A maleficent tool not just fashionable, but integral to the victimization careers of many feminists.

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    I agree it’s not easy to use the statistics to define policy. However something has to be done for as long as suspicion exists. Isn’t this an opportunity for think tanks to innovate ways of making progress towards a truly free employment market? We have to do something about the inertia which sees people choosing those like themselves to fill the jobs where they are most trusted (and better paid). Thus were still seeing a hangover from when employers were white middle-class educated males. What can be done to challenge that without getting government involved?

    For what it’s worth I (male) have a foot in the door of an organisation where being female is an advantage. I have raised my concerns but without going into details, it’s not going to change until public attitudes change.

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    Labor laws with affirmative action for women create difficulties for employers, who need to bear the cost. So GPG is a business myth, but a true government: The state destroys women’s labor market with exclusive privileges.

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