4 thoughts on “The financial transactions tax folly”

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    And these vested interests dare to delude themselves that they “care”?

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    The Archbishop is either completely incompetent or being deliberately misleading.

    This is what he says in his article calling for the tax: “The Vatican statement strongly backs the proposal of a Financial Transaction Tax – a “Tobin Tax” or, popularly, a “Robin Hood Tax” in the form in which it has been talked about most recently.”

    This is what the Vatican statement actually says: “it seems advisable to reflect, for example, on: a) taxation measures on financial transactions”.

    I do not consider the suggesting that somebody reflects on something as strongly backing something. In any case, I have reflected on it, and I reject it…!

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    So the EU gets money but member states lose it? No wonder Euro federalists like it.

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    Comment to Phillip:

    Somehow, in the case of that Archbishop, I suspect both suggestions apply…

    As for the Vatican statement, unfortunately there are not a few people there who have been infected with the anti-market sentimentalism of the no-brain-left…

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