1 thought on “The EU shows the risks of selective intervention”

  1. Posted 07/02/2012 at 12:00 | Permalink

    Too true. I think it’s a general vice of modern politicians to want to intervene 24/7, and our domestic politicians are just as bad. In the past they might have been content, like Baldwin, to breeze down to the South of France for a month or two, or go grouse-shooting like Harold Macmillan (or, if wet, re-read Jane Austen or Trollope), Nowadays the hysterical commentariat would have apoplexy if they were not visibly available – look at the way they treated David Cameron when he delayed returning from holiday last summer for because of some crisis which I have already forgotten. But at least we can give our politicians a kicking at election time, while the Eurocrats sail serenely on.

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