3 thoughts on “The ‘gender tax’ story doesn’t show what feminists think it shows”

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    I could equally respond by saying that men suffer because of the relative lack of variety in the clothing and consumer products available to them. Go into any department store and you will usually find a ground floor packed full of women’s fragrances, jewelry and accessories with perhaps 10% given over to men. Go upstairs and the story is the same – about 90% women’s clothing to 10% men.

    Yes, there is gendered pricing but there’s also gendered choice. It’s the market doing what it does best – responding to customer demand.

    Its women who don’t want the luxury of choice who lose out. But so do men who are less bothered about price but more choosy about what to buy.

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    Who are you with your patriarchal logic and reasoning?

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    The women could very easily just by the men’s razors and use those instead. That’s what the guys would do if the situation were reversed and eventually the price would go down.

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