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    IIRC Ricardo said taxation pushes money/wealth away from a nation, whereas machines (and for that I read as improvements in efficiency/productivity) draw wealth in.

    A similar stance if I am not wrong, only to stress that this does not mean I think everything Ricardo said was right, nor everything else he said was wrong. Just saying, that’s all.

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    […] Say’s Law Arquivado em: Economia, Política, Teoria — André Azevedo Alves @ 22:01 Speaking of Say’s Law. Por Steven Kates. I have now put together a presentation titled, “Why Your Grandfather’s […]

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    […] *not many believe Say’s law – that supply always creates demand, so there can’t be the sort of failure of demand that seems to characterise this and many other recessions.  Steven Kates at the IEA does, however. […]

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