Speaking up for BP: cross your fingers but be patient

Here are three propositions which may be true of BP and the fatal Macondo blow out and oil spill. I hope they are and anyway they suggest that at this moment we know little about what BP did and next to nothing about what will happen to it. Some of these questions will take a couple of years to answer and it’s unlikely that any will be answered within months.

IEA Media Fellow

Richard D North is the Media Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs and has worked extensively in the UK media, writing for, amongst others, the Independent and the Sunday Times.  Richard has also published a number of books, including Life on a modern planet: a manifesto for progress and "Mr Cameron's Makeover Politics: Or why old Tory stories matter to us all", the latter of which was published out of the Social Affairs Unit, where Richard blogs on art, film and social issues.