1 thought on “Should the government control the curriculum?”

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    The arrogance of public policy as dictated by the state instituted on a global basis for educational programming and mind control seems to have been the real driver for Julian Huxley’s UNESCO.
    Reading weblogs like At the Chalk Face one soon comes to the conclusion that it has become a nightmare kludge which inflicts incrementally increasing torture upon child prisoners, and that the prison guards themselves are entrapped in the execution of their roles. A survey of this idea might well start with the YouTube videos of Charlotte Iserbyt under the heading of ‘Dumbing Down’ which notes testing has replaced teaching ; and force feeding deliberately excessive amounts of irrelevancies and age inappropriate challenges serve to deter the hapless victim from accomplishing what would seem minimal goals of research as self gratification.
    Any comparison to what really should be happening is highlighted by the very existence of the TED site.

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