1 thought on “Science Says So – politicians are exploiting our blind faith in the power of science”

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    I don’t pretend to have studied climate change and have no strong views on the subject. However, I am inclined to be sceptical based on my experience in other areas because I have no faith in the objectivity of the academics involved. A combination of political interference and the competitive nature of modern research funding have undermined objectivity to an extent where I think that the public should question “science” more than it does. True scientists should welcome questions. That is what science is supposed to be about. Sadly in areas such as public health and climate change, the reverse is true. The so called scientists seem to be driven more by policy and politics than the quest for truth and accuracy. In these areas funding is also dictated by politics rather than merit so the dominant theory tends to be mirror the dominant political ideology and it is extremely difficult for those who do not adhere to the established dogma to be either published or funded. I see no good reason to have any confidence in the “science” produced in such environments. I have read some of the climategate emails and have no idea why the principles involved are still in jobs. If they had worked in industry they would have been hounded by the media and either forced to resign or fired. Their behaviour was completely unacceptable irrespective of whose theories about climate change turn out to be most accurate.

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