Radio 4 documentary on the Austrian School – Radical Economics: Yo Hayek!

Radio 4 has produced a documentary on F. A. Hayek and the Austrian school of economics. The programmeRadical Economics: Yo Hayek!, will be broadcast tonight (31st January) at 8:30. It examines Austrian explanations of the financial crisis, and features the IEA’s Editorial and Programme Director, Professor Philip Booth, as well as several other IEA authors. Its title refers to the popular Hayek-inspired rap song, Fear the Boom and Bust.

The following IEA publications, available as free pdf downloads, may also be of interest to students of Austrian economics:

Ludwig von Mises – A Primer by Eamonn Butler

The Austrian School by Jesus Huerta de Soto

How Markets Work by Israel Kirzner

Free Banking in Britain by Larry White

Denationalisation of Money by F. A. Hayek

A Tiger by the Tail by F. A. Hayek

The Road to Serfdom (with The Intellectuals and Socialism) by F. A. Hayek

Richard Wellings was formerly Deputy Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He was educated at Oxford and the London School of Economics, completing a PhD on transport and environmental policy at the latter in 2004. He joined the Institute in 2006 as Deputy Editorial Director. Richard is the author, co-author or editor of several papers, books and reports, including Towards Better Transport (Policy Exchange, 2008), A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty (Adam Smith Institute, 2009), High Speed 2: The Next Government Project Disaster? (IEA , 2011) and Which Road Ahead - Government or Market? (IEA, 2012). He is a Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre and the Economic Policy Centre.

3 thoughts on “Radio 4 documentary on the Austrian School – Radical Economics: Yo Hayek!”

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    Primed in Nova Scotia to hear Philip Booth this afternoon…

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    For those that can’t listen to it tonight, the programme is due to be repeated on Sunday 6th February at 21:30. It should also be available online for a week or so after it is first broadcast.

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    The programme will be available indefinitely as a podcast. You can find details here:

    Innes Bowen, Analysis, BBC Radio 4

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