2 thoughts on “Portugal has made progress but needs bigger spending cuts and radical structural reforms”

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    Its a all-round article clearly deffending current policy and pushing for more cuts on public expenditure and structural reforms. However, its a very descriptive and generic article. I wonder if Portugal should blindly follow an Anglo-American form of capitalism encouraged by international agencies such as IMF and OECD, as I dont see fit between this and the Portuguese society. Germany for example operates a co-ordinated capitalism seeking maximum consensus and balance between capital and labour. So to Sweden and Japan. Interestingly, USA, UK and Portugal for example have large budget deficits and are the three most unequal countries (amongts OECD) in terms of income inequality as measured for by the Gini Index. I wonder if Anglo-American style of capitalism of organising economy and society – which as proven to produce non-sustainable economic output and disfunctional societies is the way forward. It maybe good for oligarquies, pension funds and capital markets, tough. In Portugal there is no critical mass to discuss a Vision for Portugal and to gather the necessary support to implement it.
    Current policy largely based on taxation any retarded could do.

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    I wonder if there is freedom of speech in this site – IEA – that markets itself as an entity that challenges ideas and current thinking its rather strange that my previous post was censured!! I would like to maintain my identity in secret and unless I make offensive remarks, the right to remain anonymous is something that should assist me.

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