2 thoughts on “Our obsession with inequality is dangerous – the emerging world knows better”

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    One relevant point is that the age distribution in many developed countries shows a larger proportion of the population now being ‘old’ than in the past. This is much less likely in developing countries whose populations are growing fast. Old people tend to have more wealth than young people, for fairly obvious
    reasons — they often earn more, they tend not to still have expensive family responsibilities of bringing up young children, so they save more of their income, so their cumulative savings are much higher, they may well have paid off their mortgages (if any), and they are more likely to have inherited assets from their own parents.

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    We don’t have free market capitalism. We have a neo-feudal economy that taxes work and enterprise and allows freeholders a massive free lunch of capitalised land rent.

    As land by value is concentrated into the hands of the very wealthy, our economy is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme.

    Aristocrats and Kings fought wars for Centuries for control of this lever of economic slavery. Now its the banks at the top. Although, the Duke of Westminster is still the UKs richest born citizen, so some things will never change.

    How about a level playing field instead? Where we keep 100% of what we contribute, and only pay for the land we use, to those we exclude.

    Not only would this produce a meritocratic, dynamic economy, but inequality would also be vastly reduced. And issues like housing affordability solved.

    This is, of course, the very last thing fake-Capitalists want here in the UK.

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