2 thoughts on “Osborne and the government share some of the blame for post-Brexit uncertainty”

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    For the British government to forbid civil servants from doing any contingency planning for the consequences of a Leave vote in the referendum strikes me as irresponsible. What conceivable justification could there be?

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    No they don’t. The Government hold all the blame! Every last bit of it.
    The referendum was arranged by the government, under political pressure yes – but it was a government run referendum.
    The question was did people want to stay or leave the EU.
    The leavers were a ragbag army of politicians and they convinced the population to vote leave. But the ‘leavers’ were not the government and never had any political power to do the leaving. Their only power was that of persuading the electorate.
    The only people with power to actually leave is the government, and it was their duty to produce a plan of action for both outcomes and a manifesto for both outcomes, which should have been presented to the people by the government.
    The government failed totally and completely. Even worse the PM threw his toys from the pram and resigned. It’s a complete shambles and it’s entirely the governments fault.

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