3 thoughts on “Only capitalism delivers true ‘People Power’. Everything else is just state power”

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    Is the 2007 Financial crash not a perfect example of the imperfections of this Laissez Faire view?

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    ^^ or centuries of slavery and serfdom. We do not have a system of just property rights. We do not have Capitalism. Instead we have a democratized Feudalsm where the value dervide from natural resources are still concentrated into the hands of the few. Patents and intellectual property are another form of protected monopoly privileges that keep inequality high and harm efficient markets. Socialism is an convenient smokescreen that allows the fake-libertarians from having to address the real issues.

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    @ Anonymous – The very fact that you have a Central Bank means that you do not have free markets. These banks distort the amount of money available and the cost of borrowing/lend….If you look at the 2007 Financial Crisis, it was cause due to two reason – 1 ) Government Guarantee of Mortgages and 2) Federal Reserve keeping rates too low, allowing excessive liquidity to be created within the system…..In short, a truly Free Market would have not allowed a 2007 style crash.

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