3 thoughts on “Ofgem and the Philosopher’s Stone”

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    Great article, good to see that someone is being honest about the “savings” that are going to be achieved.

    There are too many problems with this new proposal, look forward to the backlash if it goes ahead.

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    Excellent assessment. Innovation is the key to delivering customers the best tariffs. With Smart Metering, Collective switching and demand side solutions in their infancy to restrict suppliers ability to trial new offerings just seems so backwards.
    Also, as an engaged energy consumers who is looking after my rights to choice? Ofgem have an obligation to protect future customers. With these proposals. I do not think so.
    Shame Government is backing Ofgem and going further.
    Stephen, please go back to being an energy regulator.

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    Congratulations to Stephen Littlechild on a devastating criticism of (one aspect of) government interference in the energy market. I would like to repeat my conclusion, in Hobart Paper 160: They Meant Well: government project disasters’. “An important lesson (from these projects) is that governments do not understand product markets where customers are free to choose.”

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