1 thought on “My debate with Piketty: Beware radical policies claiming to be above ideology”

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    I’d be very surprised if anyone other than an extreme marxist thought inequality in itself was a bad thing.

    Of course, given that some people have more talent, work harder, or are just plain lucky means some level of inequality is inevitable. Its a consequence of nature and a free-market economy.

    But, what people are beginning to question is whether those factors alone can account for the inequality we see at present. One double decker bus full of the wealthiest people on our planet own more than half of the population put together. 84>3,500,000,000

    Work, effort, enterprise or luck doesn’t account for such disparities.

    Monopoly ownership and other protected privileges can though. Naturally, fake-capitalists go to great pain to deny this. Well, they would. Humans seek to fulfil their desires from the least effort. The fake-capitalist will fight tooth and claw to protect their protected privileges. Even if it means lying. Not least to themselves.

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