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    Quite right. If the ‘Remain’ side still have to trot out that tired old line about 3 million jobs being ‘linked to our trade with the European Union’ [it actually says 3.3 million jobs],we can be pretty confident that serious arguments are thin on the ground. And I was genuinely shocked by the Treasury document last week. To choose to talk in terms of ‘households’ rather than the usual ‘per head calculations smacks of a desperate attempt to make the relative annual loss of income from leaving the EU look bigger. And in all 201 pages of the document, I couldn’t discover exactly how the notorious £4,300 calculation had been arrived at. It is fair enough to express money amounts in terms of 2015 pounds; but by using the phrase ‘in 2015 terms’, it looks as if the total ‘shortfall’ according to the Treasury calculations has been divided by the number of households today (rather than in 2030, when the population is expected to be about 3 million higher than in 2015 — I don’t know how many households that would amount to)), which is simply disgraceful. All in all — not for the first time in my lifetime, I must admit — I was ashamed of the behaviour of the British government. More and more I come to sympathise with Hayek’s remark that in the course of a long lifetime his opinion of politicians had steadily gone down.

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    It is essential that these excellent analyses get into the public consciousness, but I am deeply concerned that the Eurin bias of the BBC will not give these arguments the airtime they need in order for the UK population to make a properly informed decision, to its great cost.

    I tried to find the Economists for Brexit website but it doesn’t come up either in seraches or in iterations, so the word won’t get out that way, is there anything that can be done to get their website visible?

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    Cameron and all stay in players continually make the same statically damaging error by saying that we, by staying in the EU, do business with the single market of which there are 500 000 000 people. (500 million)

    There are in actual fact roughly 900 000 000 people in Europe taken from July 2015 projection which reads 851,605,800 Does that mean we are in actual fact only dealing with about half of Europe.

    Either way it is peanuts to the business we could be doing in the rest of the world of roughly 7,415,317,737 (7.5 Billion) Surely more services, manufacturing industries and people in work is of a more economical benefit to our country than the miserably failing EU.

    Visit here for today’s population. http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

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