2 thoughts on “Let’s get the facts straight on ‘fairtrade’”

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    Fairtrade sells knickers( cheeky;))

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    In December 2000, I attended a Conference in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where I had the opportunity to meet volunteers helping a small community in Amazonia. Whatever they revealed to me turned out to be sadly true! They were refusing to be part of the Fairtrade business, as, they said, “Fairtrade is a clever marketing idea, as the advertising can make the final consumers pay very high prices. [But] hunger and poverty are still there and more than ever. The increase of jobs in poor countries is due to the fact that there is more demand as the advertising campaign is effective”.

    Since that revelation, I always avoid buying Fairtrade products.
    Could we have some data about Fairtrade Organisation Members income? I suppose is very different from the farmers at the bottom of the pyramid!
    I hope someone will eventually discover more … about this “hot” matter!


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