2 thoughts on “Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics”

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    Has anyone at the IEA read Wapshott’s book? I am beginning a project on F.A. Hayek’s influence on Thatcher — especially through The Constitution of Liberty — and looking for volumes on Hayek’s impact on his contemporaries. Should I start with Wapshott or focus instead on Alan Ebenstein’s biography, for instance?

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    This article may qualify as one of the worst book reviews ever published. The author seems to have taken the publication of the book as a departure point for a disjointed collection of paragraphs on various aspects of the history of modern economic theory that he finds interesting. We gather that the author did not like the book. However, we search in vain for any details justifying that dislike.

    I recommend, read the book. Then, afterward, read some reviews. Reviews will provide you with subsidiary information useful in assessing the two economists and their theories. In my own view — the book provides a fascinating, readable overview of how these two economists interacted and affected modern fiscal and monetary policies. You don’t have to choose sides to learn.

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