2 thoughts on “John Hibbs, R.I.P.”

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    John was a wonderful enthusiast for bus transport and one of the very few transport economists who had an interest in buses. He recognised the flexibility that buses offer transport consumers and was very effective in pressing for deregulation. He also saw through the arguments of those who, at the first sign of any transitional problems in deregulated markets, wanted to reregulate them. My sympathy goes to all his family – they can be sure that he had a significant and benign influence on UK transport policy.

    Colin Robinson, former IEA Editorial Director

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    Frankly the proof that Hibbs was wrong can be shown by the fact that bus ridership in London has not followed the rest of the country.
    I never knew him and of course my sympathy goes to his family but the policies which flowed from his pen has caused immeasurable damage setting in train numerous privatisations by people who had no understanding of the subject.
    His influence on transport policy wrecked the bus network and subsequently ruined our railways through the structures that were adopted.

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