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    “Retrospective legislation and publicly shaming individuals are the methods of Putin’s Russia”

    Could not agree more!

    Have you seen s58(4) of the Finance Bill 2008?

    Over 3000 people, including myself, are suffering from retrospection.

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    Completely agree Lucozade. Retrospective tax (s58(4) of the Finance Bill 2008) will bankrupt myself and leave my family homeless, all when we did nothing wrong and followed the law as it was.

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    Couldnt agree more with previous comments: it is just as morally repugnant to impose retrospective taxation onto any individual or company several years down the line when they were within the law at the time. If this becomes the norm then I fear for the future of the democratic rights of everyone living here.

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    It would be wrong to make a scapegoat of Jimmy go Polly Toynbee was pontificating in Carr. He is not the only high profile leftie in showbusiness and the media to be profiting from his left wing political stance while behaving in every other way like a whig.

    A couple of days ago Polly Toynbee (multi millionairess, multi home owner) was pontificating about how the wealthy should be soaked to sort out the Euro Zone ebt crisis. [sentence removed by moderator]

    I find the money management antics of people whose politics are right of centre easier to tolerate. At least they are not hypocritical about using legal but morally dodgy methods to keep hold of their money.

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    It terms of retrospective tax arrangements they did the same thing with QNUPS or QROPS in Singapore. They were pension trusts that could bet people out of all sorts of tax and still operate, but they were frozen in Singapore and some other places because people abused it, apparently. Anyway to cut a long story short they introduced restrictions and punished people who entered the schemes.

    If the inland revenue persist in this people will find ways around it that will not only cost them revenue but could take the service people create in the society away. Having to pay tax is acceptable for people in general, but having the HMRC tell you later on that you have to pay more when you have complied to their requests will make people leave the country.

    It can also ruin people’s lives who spent money they were told belong to them, then having to pay it back later on. This kind of sloppy approach to tax payments makes the revenue service look amatuer and also corrupt. The consequences of this will be migration of the most talented, not because they are not prepared to pay tax but because they are not sure how much they have to pay.

    The issue of clarity is as important as the lost income through taxation. If a person cannot plan their tax they cannot plan their finances this creates a whole new host of problems.

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