3 thoughts on “Is privatisation to blame for high rail fares?”

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    excellent article. It is just worth noting that the idea that private companies have to make profits and that this pushes up prices is completely bizarre. If the government owned the railways, it would have to make a return on capital and this would be set to reflect risk. It always has been. The fact that government enterprises happen to often make losses is beside the point!

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    Note that the RAC analysis you cite says that walking and cycling projects have easily the greatest ‘bang per buck’ yet you (Richard) have dismissed them previously because cycling only constitutes 2% of journeys. In the Netherlands the figure is around a third of all journeys – because the facilities are good and the dangers from motorised traffic have been minimised wherever possible. As our number one transport problem is urban congestion and as most urban journeys are below 5km, I look forward to your article in favour of better cycling and pedestrian provision (on economic grounds)

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    I always believe matters like this need to be stress-tested. So why, for example, do we not call for the road network to be privatised?

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