IEA to feature in comic book on Margaret Thatcher

For perhaps only the second time in its history the IEA will feature in a comic book.

The first instance was over a decade ago when Antony Fisher, IEA founder, appeared in such a publication along with Milton Friedman. Friedman was well known and was always face on; Fisher was not well known and all one saw was the back of his head with chickens on his hat and shoulders – as he was of course the entrepreneur behind the factory farming of such birds. Very subtle stuff.

In July, Bluewater Productions, a comic book company on the west coast of the USA will launch Female Force – Margaret Thatcher, written by the IEA’s Distinguished Senior Fellow John Blundell.

This 20-page full-colour comic documents Lady Thatcher’s rise and many achievements. John comments: “I am pleased at how much scope this new medium for me has allowed for the discussion of free market economics.”

In Female Force – Margaret Thatcher, the story of the IEA’s Arthur Seldon writing to Geoffrey Howe at the end of the 1960s and asking “may we hope for better things from Margaret?” is retold. Howe’s response is also there: “I am not at all sure about Margaret. Many of her economic prejudices are sound. But she is inclined to be rather too dogmatic … there is much scope for her to be influenced between triumph and disaster.”

To purchase a copy of Female Force – Margaret Thatcher go to your local comic book store and pre-order your copy. If you are not sure where to find a comic book store then type “comic shop locator“ into a search engine.