3 thoughts on “How capitalism has killed laundry day”

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    Hence the saying – Today’s luxuries are tomorrow’s necessities.

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    As Clive James so powerfully noted some years back in a column entitled “ A lesson to teach the young” in his final “Point of View”:

    “But the human future had already arrived, in the form of labour-saving devices. First the refrigerator came to our house, and then the vacuum cleaner, and then the washing machine. Her [James’s mother] everyday life was transformed, along with the lives of all the women in Australia, and throughout the West. You can still meet theorists today who rail against the alienating effects of industrial society, but it was industrial society that furthered the liberation of women. The triumph of liberal democracy in the West looms large. A lot of bad stuff came along with the abundance – crummy advertising, crass materialism, pollution. But none of that was as bad as the slavery that had been rendered obsolete. Our mothers knew all that, and even as they voted Labor they were careful to warn us against any voices who preached against prosperity. Prosperity didn’t guarantee freedom but there could be no widespread freedom without it. Knowledge like that was handed down, from the generation that had once suffered to the next generation which would not.“
    One really needs to so no more!

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    Yes, that’s right because they were still doing their laundry by hand in the Eastern Block until 1992. They’d never even heard of a washing machine or hoover up until Capitalism came to the rescue.

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