How £2 billion per year is wasted on further education

In this new video, Professor Alison Wolf discusses the disastrous impact of Soviet-style central planning on the UK’s adult education sector. Professor Wolf is launching her study, An Adult Approach to Further Education, tomorrow at the IEA. Click here for details of the event.


3 thoughts on “How £2 billion per year is wasted on further education”

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    Absolutely excellent. The qualifications and certification creation industry needs to be called time on. If people want to spend their own money to get apparently certified qualifications on everything under the sun, then so be it. But don’t let this money come from the taxpayer.

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    I agree that general education for life is a good thing. But will non middle class kids aged 16 + really know that it is essential, as opposed to specific training in a skill like plumbing?

    Surely dropping out of compulsory education at 16 years old shows a disaffection with the previous 11 years of state education. Large parts of the curriculum of this 11 years will have been for life; and appears to have failed for many.

    What to do? Teach plumbing and philosophy to post compulsory students?

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    […] Wolf explained what and how on video here – and published the document here and – party political warning! on […]

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