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Helping the Poor

Do free markets help or oppress the poor? What, if anything, have free markets done for the poor worldwide? In this panel discussion at the IEA’s THINK Conference, chaired by Ryan Bourne, this question was addressed by Dr Christian Stadler, Associate Professor at Warwick University; Dr Lynne Kiesling, Associate Professor at Northwestern University, and Prof Philip Booth, Editorial and Programme Director at the IEA.

2 thoughts on “Helping the Poor”

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    Free markets allow monopoly rents to become privatised, which are a disaster for output and equality. What the poor (and capitalists) need are efficient markets. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen as the wealthy elite control public policy hence we get the “free market” dogma that everyone adheres to.

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    The Economist estimates that approximately one billion people escaped poverty in the twenty-year period ending in 2010 through the benefits of capitalism. “Scaling Social Entrepreneurship”.

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