2 thoughts on “Help to Buy scheme is one of the most misguided initiatives ever”

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    Maybe this is all about houses but I for one doubt it. This is just a means to an end.

    The blokes in charge have now realised the size of the tiger they so firmly grabbed by the tail and are desperately looking for means of escape.

    Bernanke simply mentioned the word Taper to discover that was not the way out of the mess, now Osborne is looking to stimulate not the housing market per se but those manufacturing businesses that depend on a robust housing market for their survival.

    Osborne is wrong because he does not have enough money to keep his version of sub prime mortgages afloat for long enough to avoid a disaster and, inter alia Carney is also wrong in thinking he can increase interest rates on the back of a bubble.

    A mess indeed with no exit in sight other than either a massive natural mineral resource find or total and utter devastation.

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    “about 400,000 planning permissions for houses that have not been used” represents a pipeline of 3 years at typical housebuilding rates. Three years of “reserve” land is hardly shocking. There are also a lot of permissions granted in 2008 that have yet to expire but are no longer viable. Those numbers may fall dramatically over the next year.

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