1 thought on “Hayek versus Habermas: Round 3”

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    Where collective decisions are necessary, on practical grounds, then it may be that some kind of democratic procedure is the least objectionable — though, as arguments during the recent referendum campaign showed, there are several, somewhat different, forms of ‘democracy’. Given the undesirable aspects of temporary majorities potentially riding roughshod over minorities, however, I would prefer to minimise the extent of (politically) democratic decisions. In general, I much prefer the ‘daily democracy’ of voluntary market exchanges. The great advantage of political democracy, it seems to me, is that it gives the adult population a chance to ‘throw the rascals out’ peacefully from time to time. (Of course, that is one of the main objections to the European Union — that the European Commission seems to be an alien tyranny, mostly comprising foreigners who cannot be thrown out.)

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