2 thoughts on “Has the credit card analogy been maxed out?”

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    Wasn’t Alex Hern’s point that it was the use of the credit card analogy in particular, rather than analogies per se, that he had a problem with?

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    “Does anyone really think that Cameron is saying it is impossible, in any conceivable scenario, that borrowing more in the short term can lead to less borrowing in the long term?”

    This is the problem. I think this is exactly what Cameron *is* saying. Whether he believes it is another matter. But the point is I don’t think he is trying to use an analogy to simplify matters and spread understanding beyond an economically literate elite. Rather than explain why he thinks Labour are wrong he’s just pulling silly faces and going “eeh, reet daft innit”.

    He’s either stupid, or patronising. The public deserve a better analogy. And a better Prime Minister.

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