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    One sometimes hears people argue that independent schools should be abolished, so that the better-off have a stake in trying to see that state schools are improved. I wonder if a similar argument should apply to members of parliament and pensions. I believe MPs currently have quite a ‘generous’ scheme, funded, of course, by taxpayers (probably without most of them having any idea of the cost). From now on (I don’t advocate retrospection) might it make sense for MPs to have to fend for themselves with a Direct Contribution scheme for pensions? Then perhaps they would start to appreciate the mess they’ve got most of the population into.

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    Millions of Pensioners without either a Db or DC pension fund have saved out of taxed income in their last years of working only to be royally RIPPED OFF by the Bank of England via Mervyn King and Mark Carneys insistance on the wonderful QE, FLS, HTB and 0.5% Bank Rate

    The crocodile tears of immense sympathy uttered by both Merve the Swerve and Smirking Carnage do not pay the bills.

    Not one single member of B of E , MPC, Treasury or any Politician cares one iota for the plight of all those pensioners who have seen their incomes fall by 70% solely thanks to the above

    The Bankers caused the crisis but the prudent are being shafted to prop up profligate debtors and still the Bankers receive their bonuses

    The entire system is a total disgrace

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