1 thought on “Granny bonds: Politicians must stop buying votes with subsidies for the old and rich”

  1. Posted 20/01/2015 at 15:20 | Permalink

    “Whenever somebody suggests that it would be prudent to examine the universality of pensioner benefits or reform planning laws, a wave of outrage ensues.”

    Yawn. Because neither are economically efficient solutions.

    How about we get freeholders to pay the full market value their exclusive occupation of land affords them, and then we’ll have a property functioning market. So, they will then be able to decide if they want a Greenbelt or not. Maybe they do, in which case they’ll be subsidizing the rest of us (if you believe that scrapping the Greenbelt will lower land rents). Isn’t free choice how capitalism is supposed to work?

    The IEA needs too be consistent and apply the same principles to all markets. Its seems some things, like economic justice and efficency are off limits though.

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