1 thought on “Google might have an alternative to HS2”

  1. Posted 08/05/2015 at 19:27 | Permalink

    Aside from risking the future on technology that is only on trial at the moment, have you any data to back up your claims? Would a road really be quieter than a railway? Would it be more visually pleasing?

    I won’t ask about cost as the IEA’s costing of HS2 was particularly atrocious and biased. But in case you do, note that roads (especially ones designed for moderate speeds) are much wider than railways. The engineering could easily be much more expensive.

    And if a new road for autonomous vehicles was created (although it would be ridiculous to call it high-speed), where would all those vehicles go once they near their destinations?

    Worse, would this ‘solution actually solve the problems that HS2 is designed to fix? Or is it just an attempt to kid people that this is a realistic alternative?

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