3 thoughts on “Free market capitalism and morality”

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    How can you write an article about morality and free markets without mentioning Ayn Rand?

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    Adam, There are many great thinkers, Ayn Rand, among them who could and ought to be covered when discussing markets and morality. Unfortunately in a very short blog post I had to make a decision and use Adam Smith as the basis of my argument.

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    Since the government passed the income tax laws we have been in a depression,the markets have floundered. Individual taxation is legal in the constitution, just it has to be the same for rich and poor, Do you think it was coincidental that the great depression followed the income tax? Government has grown, 25% of all workers depend on taxes for their income. The private sector has shrunk. The dollar is worth-less and real unemployment is close to 30%. The US dollar stayed the same from 1775 until 1913 when the tax was enacted. The monster Roosevelt took us off of the gold standard. Wars all around the world could not be waged if real capitalism had survived because the government could not finance them. It is not capitalism my friend, capitalism works better than any system, it is the governments intervention income tax not money standard that destroyed America.

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