2 thoughts on “Four ideas to reduce the pressure on A&E departments”

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    the NHS isn’t an industry’. Its a health service!

    You seem only interested in introducing flawed right-wing ideology (paying to see an out of hours GP).

    Why not spend more, paid for by taxing the rich? Why not limit A&E to actual accidents and emerencies?

    Also, self medication and remote diagnosis are awful.

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    Ryan’s approach makes a lot of sense. Abolish a target which is distorting the operation of A&E (there would still be previous periods’ performance to act as a sort of standard). We are really talking about ways of either increasing supply (without costing too much more taxpayers’ money) or reducing (or diverting) demand, or both. As one who tends to favour market-based approaches, I’m not all that keen on queuing as a rationing device. The obvious solution is to CHARGE for visiting A&E (and probably for visiting GPs too). As well as almost certainly reducing demand, maybe quite a lot (we simply don’t know), this could well increase supply too, if it was ‘worthwhile’. It does seem rather a pity to ignore a well-known and highly practical approach to a very familiar management problem simply for out-of-date ideological reasons.

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