4 thoughts on “European Commission using taxpayers’ money to fund groups that lobby for larger EU budgets and more EU regulation”

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    Unfortunately the EU will never change, it has not changed since I worked in the Luxembourg branch 20 years ago. The attitude among the bureaucrats them was “We will hold consultations, listen to what people are telling us and then do what we always planned to do anyway.

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    All that is too big for its own good, left to time and not artificially rigged, will fall. The USSR fell, the USA is falling and so will Europe. Perhaps with time China might fall. EU bureaucrats will fight for the hand that feeds it to remain. EU countries -as best they can- should pull the plug on the leaches.

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    What a nonsensical article which shows how superficial Mr Snowdon s understanding of the functioning of civil society at EU level is. We are nt saying that there is no room for improvements in the funding arrangements for European NGOs, but stating that were all puppets of the Eurpean Commission is ridiculous. We would like to invite Mr Snowdon to Brussels to discuss his allegations and show him how wrong his assessment is. Best regards.

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    Another interesting aspect of EU funding is this one: The European Commission’s DG Enviroment funds the activist group “Friends of the Earth Europe” (see http://stopthecrop.org/funders-acknowledgement) and this group then uses the funds to criticise the European Commission (“seriously call into question the agenda of the European Commission and EFSA – are they concerned more about the profits of industry, or the protection of public health and the environment?” – see http://stopthecrop.org/are-gm-crops-safe) in a disinformation campaign about modern agriculture. (Which flies into the face of the scientific consensus and the overwhelming majority of the peer-reviewed literature, no matter how many activist groups come out with their self-published pamphlets that repeat their mantra over and again to keep their echo chambers going.) Why does the European Commission spend taxpayers’ money on an NGO that’s then criticising the European Commission?! If there is indeed something at fault with EFSA or any other EU agency, wouldn’t the money be better spend on reforming the agency, increasing its staff, or whatever?!

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