2 thoughts on “Environmentalism, nuclear power and the end of competitive energy markets”

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    Good point; and in the UK it’s hardly as if the planners’ previous ventures into civil nuclear energy have been an outstanding success. In my book on government project disasters (‘They Meant Well’) the losses on civil nuclear energy were far higher than those on all the other five disasters combined. One might also note that the last Labour government allowed thirteen years to elapse without making any provision (as far as I can see) to replace the ageing nuclear generators while the current coalition government appointed Chris Huhne to be their first Energy Secretary, a known opponent of nuclear. A funny way to keep the lights on! Confucius said: ‘A man who has made a mistake and doesn’t correct it is making another mistake.’ How long before the unbelievably expensive European energy policy has to be abandoned?

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    We are doomed to be directed by the same Civil Servants that have brought us the doomsday scenario of the lights, and all other electrical appliances failing. A wonderful and outstanding example of bureaucratic arrogance incompetance and the reason why nobody should ever interfere with the free market.

    Governments should interfere to ensure a competetive market and that the product offered is the same as stated on the tin, but there should end their temptation to interfere.

    Failing which the lights will go out.

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