●  John Blundell on the need to guard think tanks against undue influence

●  Roger Bate explains why Britain is sailing towards the icebergs

●  Tim Congdon assesses the impact of quantitative easing

●  Bruno Prior discusses hedonic valuation

●  Jamie Whyte suggests that the Bank of England should be stripped of its power

●  James Tooley gives the 2009 IEA Hayek Memorial Lecture on private education in the developing world (audio file)


Richard Wellings was educated at Oxford and the London School of Economics, completing a PhD on transport and environmental policy at the latter in 2004. He joined the Institute in 2006 as Deputy Editorial Director. Richard is the author, co-author or editor of several papers, books and reports, including Towards Better Transport (Policy Exchange, 2008), A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty (Adam Smith Institute, 2009), High Speed 2: The Next Government Project Disaster? (IEA , 2011) and Which Road Ahead - Government or Market? (IEA, 2012). He is a Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre and the Economic Policy Centre.