Economic Theory

Economics on the web (14.07.09)

●  John Blundell on the need to guard think tanks against undue influence

●  Roger Bate explains why Britain is sailing towards the icebergs

●  Tim Congdon assesses the impact of quantitative easing

●  Bruno Prior discusses hedonic valuation

●  Jamie Whyte suggests that the Bank of England should be stripped of its power

●  James Tooley gives the 2009 IEA Hayek Memorial Lecture on private education in the developing world (audio file)

Deputy Research Director & Head of Transport

Richard Wellings was formerly Deputy Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He was educated at Oxford and the London School of Economics, completing a PhD on transport and environmental policy at the latter in 2004. He joined the Institute in 2006 as Deputy Editorial Director. Richard is the author, co-author or editor of several papers, books and reports, including Towards Better Transport (Policy Exchange, 2008), A Beginner’s Guide to Liberty (Adam Smith Institute, 2009), High Speed 2: The Next Government Project Disaster? (IEA , 2011) and Which Road Ahead - Government or Market? (IEA, 2012). He is a Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre and the Economic Policy Centre.