1 thought on “Christine Lagarde is wrong: Here are four economic positives from Brexit”

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    If there were any trade deals after Brexit, at least the UK could then have its own representative, 100 per cent working for us. Inside the EU we have only a 1/28th share of the Swedish Trade Commissioner for the EU, who must have a tricky job since Britain’s interests are by no means identical with those of most other EU countries.
    I don’t know where this idea has come from that our growth in future would be higher inside the EU than outside. The EU’s own growth record in recent years is pretty dreadful, tending to fulfil Sir Donald MacDougall’s prediction that the eurozone would become a ‘low growth high unemployment club’. It seems clear from demographic projections that the EU’s share of world trade will continue to fall in future, as will the EU’s share of UK exports. So the roughly 10 per cent of UK output that is exported to the EU now will fall over the next fifteen or twenty years, probably to not much more than 5 per cent. So about 95 per cent of our economy then would be subject to all the paraphernalia of EU regulations for no good reason.

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