4 thoughts on “Brussels or London – which is the lesser of two evils?”

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    Isn’t it ironic that everyone is too stupid to take responsibility for their actions and hence need to be protected by the all-powerful state but everyone is smart enough to VOTE!!

    Something people don’t realize is that there is a cost associated with all this regulation and it has to be paid for by the consumers of these products. Regulation is a way of spreading the risk from a few people who might have had a bad experience to all the consumers of that product.

    If you include the regulatory cost on capital along with the cost of compliance combined with artificially low interest rates, is there a wonder why people can no longer retire?

    Very good article btw.

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    Christ what a load of rubbish – ‘deregulation myth’ – well done for being out there and controversial

    ‘4,000,000 words of financial regulation’ top class statistic.
    Please send us your graph <>. I wonder what your mother thinks.

    Difficult to conceptualize, I know, but maybe we try moving past this codsbollocks and accept reality.

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    ” And this is not a trend that began with the financial crisis. Bank of England Chief Economist Andrew Haldane has noted: “In 1980, there was one UK regulator for roughly every 11,000 people employed in the UK financial sector. By 2011, there was one regulator for every 300 people employed in finance.” ”

    Its frustrating that you say the increase in regulation started before the crisis but then compare 1980 with 2011.

    The crisis was, I believe, in 2008. So shouldn’t you add a figure showing the level of regulation in 2007 and compare that to 2011? For all I know from reading your article regulation increased massively after the crisis and only negligibly before 2008.

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    fair point. There was a big increase after 2008, though there was also quite a dramatic increase in the numbers involved in financial regulation from 1986 to 2008. Haldane got the figures from various sources and it is difficult to replicate for other years (without the number of regulators working for me as Haldane has working for him!)

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