2 thoughts on “Brexit – the opportunity of a lifetime”

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    Hear hear. A great time to have witnessed the rebirth of Britain into the world.

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    Prof. Myddleton is absolutely correct. I voted for Brexit because we could make a new start in creating an energetic, creative and prosperous country. It can only be done under our control rather than of a bunch of self-serving bureaucrats and undemocratic politicians.

    The evidence that we can do this is the fact that the UK developed the agrarian and industrial revolutions, the fruits of which have benefited the entire world. In basic science and research the UK is still at the top of the world.

    We need a government that will recognize the country’s potential and develop it. Unhappily, to date our politicians show no signs of knowing how to do this. I’m pressuring my own MP (voted to stay) to do some independent thinking but he’s not looking good.

    There are two major steps we can undertake free of the EU: implement a long-term strategic industrial policy and set up industrial banks, preferably as co-ops, outside the existing banking cabal. Much of Lloyds and RSB are already taxpayer owned, so they’re available to split off and set up.

    Christopher King MSc DipM DMS

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