3 thoughts on “A record needs putting straight – Blanchflower on Radio 5”

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    ” I suppose, it could be argued that Blanchflower simply did not understand Osborne’s plans and did not realise that there were not going to be spending cuts.”

    Blanchflower still didn’t understand this even as Osborne’s plan was executed – he was still writing ridiculous articles in The Independent referring to him as “slasher Osborne”.

    I and other people have tackled him on this. When backed into a corner and proven wrong by people armed with indisputable facts, he merely stops responding. And then he writes the same old nonsense in his next article, presumably on the basis that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

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    It is not such a bad thing that Blanchflower keeps his antagonism against the IEA in the media. It gives you the chance to respond with neatly filleted responses. Like this one. Good one Philip !

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    Who was it who aptly ladled Blanchflower, “Krugman Lite”?

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