2 thoughts on “A radical solution for Greece”

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    These are excellent recommendations. I would add that Greece leave the EU and declare itself to be a free trade nation. There is nothing that the EU can provide that any member cannot attain simply by declaring unilateral free trade. There is no way the Greece can pay back its loans, so it need to default and accept the consequences. Greece’s biggest challenge is internal. It needs to free its economy from the depredations of an intrusive government that provides little added value. It needs to scrap its labor laws, including the minimum wage. It needs to end all economic regulations and simply offer the people an honest court system to resolve differences. In other words, Greece needs to embrace free market capitalism as defined by the Austrian School.

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    The best solution would be the Grexit, it should be difficult for a couple of years but the country would be autonomous and could take full advantage of their tourism

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