2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Dyson ruling – a rare victory against the EU’s crony capitalist regulatory agenda”

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    Entirely agree, as long as you remember to look at for example the Which real life performance trials in which the best performing vacuum cleaners were bagged German ones from a couple of expensive manufacturers. ( Note-only some, not the majority) The bagless design wasn’t so great at Dust retention especially when the cleaner was emptied into the dust bin whilst still in the house.

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    Yes it’s very important that British crony capitalism should be given a fair chance in a Brexit UK, or is it the case that the UK is uniquely immune from cronyism, public choice failures etc so will become a happy land with no distortion of public policy and law in favour of the powerful, so we can all throw away our books about pressures on general welfare and capture of policy? Doesn’t the highlighted case show EU judicial institutions working well to correct failures in the political process?

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