2 thoughts on “Why we should stop obsessing over the gender pay gap”

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    All very good points. In addition, it is important to mention that all of these approaches to thinking about the problem assume that people are and should be thinking about material rewards and Russell group universities. Of course, we want people to be motivated in life and not to be idle and to make the best use of their talents. However, it is strange that the left, who go on about greed and capitalism all the time, seem to regard money as the measuring rod of success.

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    My friend at work is very concerned about the gender pay gap. I am not.

    His wife works part time work to look after the children, as he does not do half the housework and cooking. He is more ambitious, even while less talented. Therefore he has earned a lot more than her since their marriage.

    I was at home for six years while my wife worked, on order to look after the kids. I do half the housework and cooking. Over the years her earnings and mine would be very similar.

    What people do, not what they worry about, is why society has a pay gap. And yet those most guilty fail to see it.

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