2 thoughts on “A thought experiment: what if everyone stopped drinking, smoking and overeating?”

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    It is interesting to observe how these three negative life choices benefit the country as a whole. As mentioned, the government, after taking into account of the costs to treat users, actually profits from the taxes placed on tobacco, alcohol, and sugar. On top of that, the purchases of these goods increases the country’s economic activity since it provides companies with loyal customers (addicted smokers and alcoholics). It also supplies health care providers with a steady pool of patients who are in a desperate need for cures to their health problems that are caused by their smoking, drinking, or obesity. This rises to an ethical question of whether the country should make a strong attempt in abolishing these negative lifestyles, despite the great economic advantages to them.

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    Far too simplistic.

    May I hypothesise that the majority of alcohol duty is raised by sales to people who never require nhs treatment directly related to alcohol.

    Also, how much productivity and therefore tax revenue is lost due to sick days taken by drinkers, smokers and obese people?

    How much talent and potentially higher rate tax payers are lost due to drink and weight problems?

    This article attempts to rejig the equation from A-B=C to B=C+A when in fact it probably looks more like ADK÷FG5+HJ7U=KKN*VAS2

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