3 thoughts on “What have socialism’s proponents really learned since the fall of the Berlin Wall?”

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    Socialism will always be flawed not matter what kind of arguments they come up with – because plain and simply socialism is against the essence of what it is to be human the ability to better ourselves and improve our own self-worth both of which cannot exist in a socialist system as it would mean someone down the line though their hard work would get ahead of other people.

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    Socialism’s idea of “democracy” means putting the words “the people’s” in front of everything named and calling that fair.

    The People’s – Transit System, Airline, Utility Company, Apartment Building, Justic System, Broadcasting Network, etc. and so on.

    You smear that around on everything controlled by the central authorities and that magically makes it The People’s, thus a “democracy”.

    They even get to vote. Would you like Candidate A, or Candidate A – similar to how voting is now done in California where the last Senate race was between two members of the same left-wing party – Candidate A or Candidate A. Either way, “the one party” wins.

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    Likewise, what have neo-liberals learned from what happened to Russia after the end of the Cold War?

    Russia was told to privatise everything, and the market would sort everything out. Resulting in its natural resources being monopolised for the benefit of the few, and the reactionary rise of Putin inevitable.

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