3 thoughts on “We need a post-Corona Ludwig Erhard”

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    Well we haven’t got an Erhard. The closest we have got is a Greta Thunberg and her disciples. So we’re ……

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    Agree with the thrust of this and particularly supply side reforms. It will be intriguing to see what happens to productivity, boosting which was the key to Erhard’s economic recovery of West Germany. Will zombie firms disappear (or be rescued by government intervention). Note the big hit to the hospitality industries (low productivity jobs), but will high productivity sectors take a similar hit or will they too boost productivity by shedding low productivity jobs and capital on their margins ?

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    Occasionally people come along, almost by accident, and change the course of history. Ludwig Erhard was the right person at the right time. His position in post-war Germany was a ‘fluke’; somebody else could have obtained the job, but Erhard did, and the rest is history. Another such fluke was the civil servant John Cowperthwaite. The Colonial Office could have posted him anywhere, but he was sent to Hong Kong in 1945, and the rest is history.
    The same fluke happened during our Covid Era, in Sweden. It was a fluke that Anders Tegnell was in charge of public health when the virus struck. He happened to have been involved in the fight against Ebola in the Congo, where officials had overruled him and told him to leave the sick dying, whereas Tegnell knew that there were medical interventions which he could perform which would safe them. He decided there and then that he would never again to let politicians or public opinion overrule his medical view. And the rest is history: Sweden remained free, while the rest of the world was locked up and rendered bankrupt.

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