2 thoughts on “US edging towards the front of the queue for a trade deal with the UK”

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    The most of the british economy îs based on sevices The Most of the british services are exported to the EU. What relevance would the free trade deal with the USA have on this? And how îs free trade deal going to replace the subsidies for the farms, without whom 50% of the british farms will go bankrupt?.Losing the single market will deliver a hammering blow to the economy that no free trade deal with US or other non EU country will offset.

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    Actually arguing to be part of NAFTA? Just before Trump rips it up! Claiming a deal between UK and US will be a shining example to the world? Conjecture. Trusting Trump over Obama? Wow.

    Arguing US protectionism will be reined in by the UK whilst at the same time disparaging EU protectionism? Utter nonsense.

    And now Bombardier and Boeing? You have got to laugh at the naivety of the right.

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